About Carob



Back in the land down under, we were a bit slow to embrace the Carob, so here at The Carob Kitchen HQ we are bringing Carob back!

Carob is the big daddy of the Legume Family (some other famous family members include peas, beans, soy, lentils, just to name a few).

It is considered a fruit. But also answers to the name Carob bean, seeds and pod.

The Carob tree fancies its native Mediterranean climate (let’s be honest who doesn’t) and that’s why they love their new home in Port Elliot, South Australia, with warm, dry days and sea breezes.

On the tree the carob pods are kept naturally protected by giant umbrella like leaves, until they are ready for picking. Now that’s good natural farming! No SPF protection needed here!

Carob has been treasured by ancient cultures for thousands of years and was known in the Bible as St John's Bread.

The word 'carat' (the measurement for gold purity) comes from 'carob'; carob seeds were originally used to balance scales in Oriental bazaars. We like to think our Carobs are worth gold too!

These days it can be found living in gourmet kitchens across the world and because carob is so good for us, it's springing up in health foods shops everywhere. Viva the Carob Revolution!