What is carob?

Native to the Mediterranean and Middle East, the flowering evergreen carob tree is the big daddy of the legume family. Closely related to peas, beans, soy and lentils, the ornamental trees are tolerant to drought, rocky arid soil and salt – making them perfect for the coastal climate of South Australia.

Once fertilised, carob trees produce an abundance of large pods filled with pulp and beans which we harvest each year at our family farm. Selected for their natural sweetness and taste, our orchard is home to seven different carob varieties which we blend to create the perfect flavour. After harvesting, the seeds are dried, kibbled, roasted and milled ready to create our delicious carob treats.

Why carob is better for you...

• Pure plant nutrition
• Good source of fibre
• Rich in calcium
• High in antioxidants (over 17 x more than blueberries)
• Natural protein goodness
• Vegan friendly, dairy free
• Gluten free & GMO free
• 99.9% fat free
• Cholesterol & preservative free

There are millions of reasons why carob is good for you and is such a prized health food. Full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it’s an excellent source of dietary fibre, calcium and iron.

Carob has been known to regulate blood sugar levels, aid in digestive health, lower cholesterol and help fight the common cold.

Our certified organic carob is 100% natural and preservative free with no added sugar, colours or artificial flavours. Carob is 99% fat free as well as free from cholesterol, making it better for you.