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Delicious, Sugar-free Organic Carob Products and Treats

At The Carob Kitchen, we’re all about healthy organic carob products, and we’ve been creating them as a family-owned and run business for several years now. We’ve perfected the art of chocolate treats, with a range of products including carob powder, bars and more. Our bars contain natural sugar from the carob pod itself, so although not sugar free, there is no added sugar, making them a more natural, healthier alternative to other snacks. We offer delicious carob products in our online store, as well as in various stockists around Australia.

Choose carob and buy healthy chocolate

Carob is becoming more and more renowned throughout the world. You might have heard about it or seen it in health food shops and supermarkets. What is carob, you might ask?

Our Carob Bars and Banjo Bears have become popular all over Australia, New Zealand, and even as far as Japan and America. Not only are they tasty, they have no added sugar and therefore are a healthier alternative to regular chocolate. We also offer palm oil-free, diabetic and vegan friendly carob powder in our pure carob range, so you can share the delights of cooking chocolatey goods without the restrictions or guilt. Where other companies that make carob products do so using palm oil, we are committed to ethical production. We make all our products palm oil-free, so you can feel good about the food choices you make.

Because we are a small family-run operation, our products are made with love, from the tree to the bar. Our little carob plantation has been thriving for over 17 years. We’re passionate about carob, and we want you to experience the joys of this miraculous natural product, too!

Discover the joys and benefits of healthy, no added sugar chocolate treats with our various products, such as our carob milk bars, pure carob range, and family packs. There’s something for everyone with The Carob Kitchen!

Get your quality carob products with The Carob Kitchen today!

If you’ve been looking for healthy organic carob treats, then check out our online store or find a stockist near you. Enjoy carob with The Carob Kitchen today! 

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