100% Australian made, grown and owned

Over 20 years ago a seed was planted – the idea to turn our family’s seaside farm in Port Elliot, South Australia, into an organic Carob orchard. Since then, one tree has turned into many, and the Carob Kitchen was born.

Nurtured organically with nothing but love, sun and sea breezes, the Carob Kitchen is more than the sum of its parts, it’s family, and we are proud to call our farm home.

Delicious, Organic Carob Products and Chocolate Treats

A secret blend of specially selected carob varieties is what makes our organic carob products so naturally sweet and delicious. With no added sugar, our range of gluten free carob powders and bars, are a healthy alternative to other chocolate snacks. Featuring a range of natural flavours, diabetic and vegan friendly options, there's something for everyone.

Our Family Farm

As passionate growers and pioneers of the carob industry, our innovative farming techniques have changed the way carob is farmed world-wide.

With the oldest organic carob orchard in Australia, our hand nurtured trees produce a consistent supply of high quality carob.

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Why is carob better for you?

Most of you remember carob from your childhood, the chocolate substitute your parents gave you, but did you know carob is actually a naturally sweet fruit grown on trees?

Long treasured in ancient cultures for its health benefits, carob has made a revival in recent years thanks to the health food movement and can now be found in supermarkets and gourmet kitchens across the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA. The process of producing pure carob all begins with a lot of love and care in the orchard...

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Finally, a healthy alternative to chocolate!

With a taste very similar to chocolate (or even better in our opinion!), carob has a number of health benefits. It is the perfect healthy chocolate alternative for those who’ve been struggling to find a sweet treat that’s free from added sugar. Not only does carob contain double the amount of calcium compared to cocoa, it is gluten free, cholesterol free and preservative free. Our healthy organic carob treats are also naturally low in fat and sodium, high in fibre and an excellent source of antioxidants. Discover our carob milk bar ranges today!

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